EPSON PX-8 terminfo

Found this terminfo definition on the Level 29 BBS, and I though I would post it to the web to make it easier for others who are looking for this to find it.

Message #3836
Subject:     Re: Epson PX-8 terminfo/termcap?
From:        simmo1010
Date:        2019-09-13 02:26:52
Connection:  ASCII telnet at 1200 bps
Replying to: simmo1010, message #3824

After a bit of experimentation I manged to create my own terminfo definition
file that seems to do the job. I thought I would post it just in case anyone
else runs into the same problem in the future.

It doesn't look like the regular definitions as I decided to use octal
character codes rather than the more usual control codes, but it works for me.
I am sure there are those with way more experience on this BBS who could do a
better job ...

epsonPX8|Epson PX-8, OTbs, am, cols#80, lines#7, OTnl=\n, bel=^G, clear=^L,
cr=\r, cub1=\035, cud1=\037, cuf1=\034, cup=\E=%p1%{32}%+%c%p2%{32}%+%c,
cuu1=\036, home=\013, ind=\n, kcub1=\035, kcud1=\037, kcuf1=\034, kcuu1=\036,
el=\ET, kbs=^H,